Fence Building Photos

We have a tipper truck and a large 3 ton trailer, plus a TORO minidigger.
Generally the truck and trailer park in the street and everything is done from there.
The minidigger can get through a 900 opening so we can get to most places for digging holes.
It is a light machine (700kg) and is on tracks which distributes the weight really well. This helps to prevent tearing up lawns when driving over them.
However, if the access is unsuitable or too steep, we have a small hand held motorised auger for digging fence post holes. Failing that holes are dug with post hole shovels.
Concrete is mixed off the back of our custom setup trailer. There is no mess or concrete left lying around after the job.
Materials for the fence are delivered on the day of start, or the day previous. They are placed on the nature strip out of the way of driveways or footpaths.
There is no rubbish or timber offcuts left behind upon completion, all is taken away.
 QBCC license is #1069078

Good neighbour fence has palings both sides spaced apart

machine is handy to help out at the school working bee

Old fence off to the dump

Digging retaining wall footings

Timber on the nature strip

Posts in

Mixing concrete

Rails on steel posts

Posts and rails ready for palings

Tipping old brick fence at the dump
Posts and rails ready for palings to go on
Posts and rails ready for palings
Palings going on

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