Gates are all made into a frame from galvanised steel, and timber is then put on them.
Timber is generally matching the fence the gate is in, e.g. paling fence, picket fence or decking fence.
Gates all have ball bearing hinges, unless the hinges are mounted off the side of a house or the gate need to rise up due to sloping driveway/path.
When the hinges are mounted off the side of a brick house they are gudgeon and pin hinges.
When a gate needs to tilt up as it opens inwards, because of a slope, the hinges are riser hinges.
These hinges can provide a tilt of 100 - 350 depending on the slope.
Latches are a personal thing, and there are many to chose from.
Basic styles are a round hole through the gate and a dee latch and striker.
Ring latches go well with picket fences.
Magnetic latches work well as they never "pop open" e.g if a dog constantly pushes on it. (this is sometimes the case with powdercoated dee latches used with aluminium fences as the powdercoat is quite slippery)
Stainless locksets are an option for the feature fences.
Laser cut double gates "jungle leaf"

Aluminium double gates curved top

Stainless lockset doorknob


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